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Posted by cararescue on June 21, 2010 at 5:49 PM Comments comments (0)

The story seems to be the same throughout the country. SMALL RESCUES ARE RUNNING OUT OF CASH..and soon, food, bedding veterinary costs etc., resulting in eventual closure. In, what I can only describe as the 'greatest recession in my lifetime', donations to charities is at an all time low. Larger animal charities are concerned about the drop in both donations and legacies. (I do not include the rspca in this statement as believe they fully deserve to have lost the publics' support that they have, for so long, taken for granted). When larger animal charities get less funding then the small groups...who survive, largely, on the 'crumbs' left over...i.e. small donations, car boot sales, food supplies, help with vets bills etc., are having to contemplate, not only closing their doors to needy cases, but eventual closure. These small rescues do not ask for large sums of cash or legacies....they 'tick over' on a fraction of what the larger charities need....simply because they are mostly manned by volunteers, with no-one taking salaries....therefore EVERY PENNY they get goes to the animals. There are cases where dogs can no longer be boarded..because there is no money to pay the kennels, whilst those already in the kennels cannot be moved to rescue, because there is no money for diesel to do the journey. Some have huge vet bills that are now preventing them from taking in any animal that may add to that bill. THIS IS A REALLY DIRE SITUATION....I can remember nothing like it. If you have money you wish to go to help animals or know someone who does...then please consider the small rescue groups. You do not need to send them can simply offer to pay a bill...either for vets, food, boarding, telephone, internet, diesel......the smallest amount could make the biggest difference to a small rescue. I hear of people generously sending £50,000 to one big rescue...yet, spread between over a hundred smaller rescues...all taking no salaries and overheads kept to a minimum..that money could go so much further and therefore help more animals. I have just sold our rescue van because we simply could not afford the repairs...nor could we afford the tax etc., so, sadly, it had to go. We now rely on volunteers with their own vehicles but, even then, finding diesel money to cover their journeys is becoming more difficult each trip. I just hope that the well of generosity has not dried up forever and as a result small rescues are forced to close their doors to animals that need their help now, more than ever.

roast beef and yorkshire pudding

Posted by cararescue on June 16, 2010 at 5:41 PM Comments comments (0)

Firstly, congratulations to Sylvia at Many Tears and all those who signed the petition calling for the banning of the captive bolt gun in killing pet animals. The rspca has suspended the use of this antiquated method for one year....if they know what's good for them...and their precious donations/legacies...they will ban it forever.

Tonight I was out in my garden, bringing in the washing, and I could hear lambs calling to their mothers...and the mothers calling back. I was brought up after the 2nd world war...and like many others of that era, got used to (and enjoyed) my roast beef, roast lamb, pork with crackling etc.,

I had a pet pig, Phoebe, for 14yrs and that stopped my 'crackling passion'. Intelligent, gentle and very human...pigs are not to be labelled as 'human fodder' only. Tonight, listening to the lambs, I stood, in silent recognition, that, within a few days they will be silenced forever...either 'deadbolted' at the abbatoir or...much worse...their throats slit..whilst they are still fully conscious, to satisfy the ever demanding greed for halal or kosher meat. The many calves who only momentarily get to know their mothers before they become the fat, greedy, humans veal pie, just makes me realise that I am becoming vegetarian by conscience...not by design. I cannot justify Gods' creatures simply being provided for our greedy palates....something is wrong. As for the kosher and halal meat eaters.....well, they are way down my list of low life. Why, in our country, that has animal welfare laws in place, are animals slaughtered, mercilessly and painfully, to fulfill ANY religion? This cannot have been part of Gods plan...and it certainly is not part of mine...nor is it acceptable. If we continue to pander to every religious whim...then we might just as well have not fought for any war.....we have ceased to make our own decisions, we change laws, welfare acts...even safety laws have been changed to accommodate those who think differently to us....I don't get it..and I know my father, grandfather, uncles and aunts, that fought for the freedom of our country, wouldn't understand it either. No one who disagrees with our way of life needs to remain why are we trying so hard to keep 'all of the people happy..all of the time'?

I will never eat meat again, nor will I enjoy any dairy products (which will be a great sacrifice for me as I have enjoyed most for all of my life). I do believe in karma and I really believe that 'what goes around, comes around'...we have all become greedy humans...with no thought for anyone, other than ourselves, obsessed with how much money, possessions, status, we can accumulate in our lifetime ... and it all adds up to a big...nothing. All of us will go to our graves or incinerators with NOTHING.....but we will all have left a legacy of greed, cruelty, selfishness and vanity....and before long our planet will cease to exist as we plunder its' last breath to satisfy our lust.

All this, tonight, brought on by the simple bleat of a lamb to its mother......maybe all of us need to stop, listen, see and hear...before our blindness, deafness and indifference to the world around us....kills us all.

Latest update/Appeal for Doris Banham

Posted by cararescue on April 25, 2010 at 5:52 AM Comments comments (0)

I keep trying to do regular updates on this site but, there always seems something more important that gets in the way! This morning (Sunday) we are trying to get a trap over to a local village to catch a staffy bitch who has been abandoned. Her mate has already been shot by a time is pressing. Also, today, we have moved a Siberian Husky to kennels after the owners wanted to have him destroyed for killing two of their ducks!...he is excellent with children, adults, cats et.c., but not to be left alone with livestock. We are constantly desperate for donations to both save more animals and clear debts already incurred in saving others...times are as hard as I can remember.

I am putting an appeal out, please pass it to any other websites you know who may help, for Doris Banham Rescue.....see below. Keep trying to upload pics of my motley crew.....all passed out in their beds as the rain beats against the windows, accompanied by a howling wind! Wonder why no-one is keen to go outside????



We have been asked to help with an appeal for The Doris Banham Animal Sanctuary, who move hundreds of dogs from the Yorkshire pounds each year. In order to carry out this valuable work, they use a fleet of vans (mainly reliable, but tired, Ford Transits). Although they have full breakdown cover, they desperately need a reliable and reasonable 'animal friendly' mechanic/garage who would be prepared to undertake repairs/service to these vehicles. If you are based anywhere in Yorkshire, please contact these life savers direct.

[email protected], or 01483 271265


Posted by cararescue on March 5, 2010 at 12:02 PM Comments comments (0)

So sad to report that Duke had to be put to sleep last night. Our vet xrayed his leg and found that he had a very aggressive form of bone cancer (which is what we dreaded....we were hoping it was just a fracture). There was no prognosis in amputating the, due to his age and the type of cancer, secondary tumours were inevitable. All involved, my wonderful volunteers, Eileen and Howard, the vets, Chris and Helen, tried so hard to make his last days comfortable wasn't to be. We already had a foster home lined up for him, where he would have had more tlc than he had ever known. He was already asleep .... for the knew nothing about his demise. I, and everyone involved, are gutted...he was truly a gentle giant...and deserved so much more.

Meanwhile, the persecution of staffies continues: 


(Please say a prayer for this little girl......and another for the scumbags who did this. If my prayers are answered, this girl will rest in peace and those responsible will know nothing but pain and suffering for the rest of their...hopefully....long, long lives)



Sonny Jim

Posted by cararescue on March 4, 2010 at 12:42 PM Comments comments (0)

Sadly I lost Sonny Jim last week......aged 23yrs! He was one of the dogs I picked up early on from the Bridgend pound, aged 10yrs.....his elderly owner had died and I couldn't get another rescue interested in him. I think he was probably a beagle x collie.....a real 'little man'. Apparantly his owner used to drive around the estate in a motorised wheelchair....with Sonny on his lap!....he would hop down now and then to play with local children...then back on board for the ride home! He accepted every dog that came into our home....and during the last 13yrs there have been many! He never had a cross word with any of the dogs....but preferred his own bed. He was a true gent and I shall miss himx. It is sad that so many rescues write the old dogs off....found the following article very sad....but very true of the rescue involved: 


As usual these past few weeks have brought the usual breeds that are discriminated against, few rotties and numerous staffs. Hopefully, we have a 10yr old rotty due in tomorrow 'Duke'....tonight he is with our vet. I say 'hopefully' because this poor lad has severe arthritis which has not been helped by him living outside during the awful weather we have had in Wales. He has a swelling on his leg and I am hoping this does not turn out to be cancer....which is a distinct possibility. Anyway, I will know later this evening. If the prognosis is good then we shall be looking for a permanent foster home for him....where we will undertake medical bills. We have a 14yr old collie bitch also looking for quiet retirement! Will post the vets results on Duke tomorrow.



Dogs left to die in policemans car....IRONY.

Posted by cararescue on February 22, 2010 at 5:11 PM Comments comments (0)

I await, with interest, the outcome of the case currently being pursued by the rspca against a police officer who left his two german shepherds, shut in his car for 7 hours..who subsequently died of heatstroke.

This is truly a terrible case but....I find it totally ironic that the case is being prosecuted by the rspca....the very same organisation that killed, not two, but 10 german shepherd dogs, not police dogs, but family pets. It took eight rspca 'personnel' a whole day to put a bolt gun to each dogs head and once unconcious, pith out their brains with a screwdriver. EVERY DOG WAS A PET...NOT A WILD CREATURE, the owner had died, his wife attempted suicide after his death and the rspca called in by the the belief that they would HELP...made the murderous and inhumane decision to slaughter the dogs, one by one, in their own garden. NO VET WAS EVER CALLED TO SEE THESE POOR ANIMALS, NO VET WAS EVER APPROACHED FOR ADVICE ....AND...NO VET WAS PRESENT WHEN THESE EIGHT RSPCA 'SLAUGHTERERS' SET ABOUT THEIR SELF DECIDED MISSION.

If no police prosecution is forthcoming....we now have two sources willing to fund a private....fully media profiled...prosecution of this inhumane organisation that dares to call itself an animal welfare charity.

As awful as the case of the policemans' dog is.....the irony that the organisation prosecuting him  has done MUCH WORSE...WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE AND NO RECOURSE TO IGNORANCE, beggars belief.



Posted by cararescue on February 17, 2010 at 1:33 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi, there are many, many animal rescues throughout the U.K. all struggling to cope with the number of stray animals...constantly being abandoned by uncaring, or impoverished owners. Over the past 30 years I have had the great priviledge of working with many of them. They all have different qualities, different ideas, but all are committed to help wherever they can. However, I feel the need to mention one in particular...The Doris Banham Sanctuary..this is an organisation run by ONE WOMAN, (Trudie James)....with many helpers yes....but she still, after many years, stands vehemently alone in her determination to help every dog. She runs one of the, now sadly diminishing, rescues who (like the man from Del Monte) says 'YES' to the staffies, rotties and other unpopular breeds. How she does it....I don't know. She uses kennels dotted about the country...some with specialist behaviourists...for the dogs who would have been destroyed by many other rescues. There are not many people I look up to...but I have a permanent crick in my neck from looking up to this woman. At the moment I know funding is very poor, mainly because of the financial climate...but also because there is less and less to go around between so many other needy and deserving charities. I have just watched a video that one of Trudies' supporters has put together and it so sums up the 'type' of dog that ends up at her door....and is ALWAYS let in. Please watch it and if, like me, you weep with the futility of it all, after you've reached for the kleenex....reach for your cheque book, or the paypal button on Trudies website:

If you live anywhere in the North of England and could do some transport runs...please email her or even if you could perhaps walk some of the many dogs now being kennelled around the country...please email her with your postcode. Also wanted are home vetters and of course.....FUNDRAISERS.

Watch this and weep (Don't worry...there are no horror clips in this one...just images to tug at your heart strings...and hopefully..your purse strings)

Thank you for reading this and in anticipation, thank you for any help you can are one of the 'goodies'.


Victimisation of rspca critics.

Posted by cararescue on January 26, 2010 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Within the next few days I hope to post details of victimisation against animal rescues who have come out against the rspca policy of 'deadbolting dogs'. I need to check (tomorrow) legalities concerning naming the companies that are taking part in this campaign....and how they are affecting the rescue of dogs.

If any viewers of this site suspect that any supporter of this campaign is being affected, directly or indirectly, by what supporters of the rspca are doing...I would welcome their imput.

Any company, person or organisation that, by putting pressure (however that may be) on animal rescues who are campaigning to bring to an end the cruel and barbaric practice of deadbolting pets....will (after taking the necessary legal advice) be named on this website....and other affiliated websites worldwide.

I already know of two such companies and I am sure they would not welcome the adverse publicity that this would bring to both them.....and their products.


Posted by cararescue on January 26, 2010 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Yet again...BT have mucked up our phone lines.....firstly gave engaged goes straight to answering machine (which we cannot access!).

Anyone needing to contact us, please either email:

[email protected]

or skype:



Skype Me™!


Apologies to anyone who has been trying to contact me for the past 2 weeks.....If you want reliability...DON'T use BT.