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Compassion with age

Posted by cararescue on July 19, 2010 at 5:24 PM

Tonight I realise that, with age, comes compassion. With age (and understanding) comes realisation that we cannot understand nor change, the policies that other people truly believe in. HOWEVER, KILLING BADGERS IN A FUTILE ATTEMPT TO STOP TB IN CATTLE...IS ONLY FOR THE IGNORANT. If badgers are murdered (culled means just this) to attempt to prove that TB is carried and passed by these creatures, and this action proves to be futile...then WHO gives lives back to these wonderful creatures? TB is not caused by badgers...and any 'intelligent' information would prove this to be true. Sadly, those baying for the blood of the badgers...are those who are ignorant of the facts. I AM NOT WILLING TO ALLOW THE MURDER OF A SPECIES....SIMPLY TO SATISFY THE IGNORANCE OF FARMERS. If a 'murderous cull' ever goes ahead then, those who have instigated this. must be prepared for the consequences.

TB IS NOT CAUSED BY BADGERS....WHY WOULD YOU KILL INNOCENT CREATURES TO PROVE YOUR POINT? AND, WHEN YOUR POINT IS NOT MADE AND CATTLE STILL CONTRACT TB....WILL YOU BRING BACK ALL GODS CREATURES THAT YOU HAVE KILLED? God save all of you...and, unlike God, I (and thousands of others) will NOT forgive you 'for you know not what you do'...YOU KNOW FULL WELL WHAT YOU ARE DOING...AND THERE WILL BE A PRICE TO PAY. Compassion and understanding. is FREE..use it. Please do not become the 'ignorant of the future'.

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