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Posted by cararescue on December 22, 2010 at 6:18 AM

Well, it's nearly Christmas.....AGAIN! Usually I use this site, primarily, to rant and rave about all that seems unfair and cruel in the rescue world of animals. However, I want to take a little time to thank all those volunteers who have worked tirelessly, silently and freely to rescue animals this past year. Lisa...who is always desperately searching for places for those dogs left at the pounds by other rescues (mainly Staffords and Rotties), Jeff, who is currently en route to Somerset with yet more pound dogs and who drove, 2 days ago, through blizzards from Wales to Coventry and Crewe to secure places for 3 more dogs at risk. Eileen who, even though nursing her husband and elderly mother, will still answer the 'phone and be on hand to collect/deliver animals. Lisa (number 2!) who, although working full time, still secures places of safety for the pound dogs. Pauline and Tim who will drop everything to move dogs out of danger. Glenys....who has also been running around saving cats and dogs and who, sadly, has just written her car off in a nasty accident on ice in North Wales.....there are many, many more..Bev, Trudie, Syvia, Sue, Rosemary.....all have spent sleepless nights and put in tremendous efforts to save the animals...THANK YOU....FROM THE ANIMALS AND ME. If anyone reading this, wins the lottery and doesn't know what to do with the money....get in touch and I will gladly pass on these wonderful peoples' details....all give their time absolutely, no moans today (although we are trying to get up north to help more desperate dogs today and tomorrow....anyone with a big van..who could help transport...please make contact 01559 362990).

A Happy, peaceful Christmas to you all ..... and fingers crossed for those little souls still left in the pounds of Wales....many without heating! we will do our best to free you XX.

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