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Sat 19th March 1 -2pm at the Spire, O Connell Street, Dublin.

GREYHOUND ACTION IRELAND is sickened and appalled that the Irish Greyhound board, Bord na gCon has planned to send Irish greyhounds to China to expand Greyhound Racing in Asia.

Already much criticized for their overbreeding of Greyhound dogs and for their total disregard for the welfare of ex-racing dogs here in Ireland, this latest move is shamefull .

This move confirms what we have been saying all along …the IGB couldn’t care less about the tens of thousands of Irish dogs they breed to die. Greyhounds in Ireland have been found mutilated, with ears cut off, drugged, hanged, drowned and killed by bolt gun in backstreet slaughterhouses. A minute percentage get homes here as will not be the case in China.

In the aftermath of Chinese officials visiting Dublin earlier this month to see how the Irish greyhound-racing industry is run and regulated. An IGB spokesman said the board informed the Department of Agriculture, which regulates the transport of greyhounds, about its expansion plans.

“As with any country we do not have any influence on the welfare standards adopted in other countries, and these matters are more appropriately dealt with by the country’s own legislative system,” the spokesman said. The export of greyhounds was a matter for individuals and Bord na gCon, said the Department of Agriculture. “The board has informed us that they are exploring the possibility of assisting with the establishment of greyhound racing in China,” it said.

We in GAI say, ‘Imagine sending animals to a country where they will be treated even worse than they are here, dogs in China are considered meat, many beaten brutally to tenderise their meat before they are often skinned alive. Cats and dogs there have absolutely no protection from those who will breed and kill them at will be it for food or fur. Irish dogs are already being sold on to Pakistanis for racing and coursing there. Pakistan, being a Moslem country where dogs are considered unclean is the last place on earth where anyone would send an animal.’


CAUTION: The photos from the site are distressing and the eye account witness of slaughter is horrifying

"space city" and is capital city of the Liangshan Yi Nationality Autonomous Prefectures in southwestern Sichuan Province, Peoples Republic of China. These are pictures of a market area on an embankment above the river in the old part of town. At the front there are puppies and kittens for sale as pets and further back are about 100 dog waiting to be selected by customers. When selected the vendor puts the dog in a sack and weighs it. After a price is agreed he kills his dog and butchers it ( sometimes in that order, more often in the reverse order). Business was brisk with a dog being killed about every five minutes. There seemed to be two techniques.

The one man technique was to hit the dog twice on the head with a wooden plank which dazed it sufficiently to make it safe for him plunge his knife into its jugular without getting bitten. He then held the dog up by the tail until it bled into unconsciousness-he then proceeded to butcher it with the dog coming in and out of consciousness.

With the two man technique, one man held the dog up by her tail while the other pulled the neck back with a wire around the dogs neck. The first man was then able to reach down again without fear of being bitten, to sever the jugular vein. Since the dog was in no way stunned, she struggled and howled and urinated until passing out. The watching dogs were also shaking and howling. The dog was flung on her back and the butchering began- consciousness returned on lying flat but she was to weak then to struggle much. One of the men laid down his knife and put his mouth to the inside of the dog' s hind leg-I couldn't see what he was doing.

GREYHOUND ACTION appeals to the IGB to review its ill- considered plans to make money from dog exports to China. We will be urging the public to shun the tracks here in Ireland and we will expose the hypocrisy of Irish Greyhound Breeders and Trainers.

‘This will be the nail in B nag Cons coffin!!!! We are constantly being told when leafleting at dog tracks that there are many ‘good’ greyhound men, If this rare breed exists ,they should stand up in opposition to this’ last straw’ of animal abuse. Any feeling human would.

It is blatantly clear, the Irish Greyhound Bord do not give a damn about animals! ‘

Bernie Wright, press officer GAI.

Phone 0872651720

•PHOTOSHOOT; We anticipate a large turnout and some ex-raced, now cherished Greyhounds.

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