animal rescue

C.A.R.A   (Coordination of Animal Rescue Agencies)

Dedicated to helping all animals in need whilst urging rescue agencies to work together, Nationwide, to achieve this goal.


Welcome to the CARA website. CARA was founded in 1993 by Christine Davies. Christine started the Animal Lost and Found Line for Wales after working voluntarily at a local animal sanctuary. She realised that many of the stray dogs and cats which were handed in, had owners, somewhere...but there was no 'link' to reuiniting them. After the lost and found line had been running for a while she realised that many of the welsh dog pounds were destroying unclaimed stray dogs after the mandatory 7 or 9 days. So CARA was born, the idea being that, if all the animal rescues in the U.K. could help with some of the welsh strays, there would be no need for their destruction and welsh councils could be urged to adopt 'non destruct' policies. In the early days of CARA it was hard work convincing the councils to vaccinate dogs in their care....they couldn't see the need for it as most of the animals were destroyed anyway. So CARA had to give an undertaking to pick up every dog, every week, which they did. Dogstrust were instrumental in sending letters to all the councils advocating vaccinations and now, gladly, most of the reputable councils vaccinate their dogs.

Most of the animal rescues who promised to take welsh dogs were as good as their word and are still loyal to these animals, Dogstrust, National Animal Welfare Trust, Blue Cross, Battersea Dogs Home (Belmead), Animals in Need (Devon), Dogs in Need (Devon), Woodside Animal Sanctuary (Plymouth), Chiltern Dog Rescue Society, Bath Cats and Dogs Home, Denise Barratt (Wooton Bassett), H.U.L.A. and many breed rescue groups all agreed to help with the welsh strays but few had the transport to collect. So The Welsh Bakery, in Haverfordwest, donated the first CARA van......this was an old bread van, still signwritten (as we couldn't afford to respray it!) that van saved over 20,000 animals during the time we had it....this was mainly dogs (as we were picking up 50-70 dogs every week from the welsh pounds) but we also moved battery hens, pigs, goats, fact anything that needed CARAs help. We have had several vehicles since but everyone remembers the bread van, with great fondness.

Things have moved on over the past 16years and many of the animal rescues now come regularly to Wales to collect the strays themselves but, unfortunately, this has also resulted in some 'cherry picking' where many of the more difficult to home dogs ....are left behind. CARA still works, tirelessly, to 'mop up' these little leftovers. We have many volunteers who will give up their time (and sometimes their money too!) to save animals in need. These people are the unsung heroes of animal rescue, unlike many of the larger rescues, CARA is available at all times, holidays, evenings, weekends, and without this team of volunteers we would not have saved half of the number that are now in homes.....instead of bin bags! We try to help people keep their animals, in times of stress, by helping with advice, food/vet bills rather than having to part with their pets. We are in desperate times and funding is at an all time low, forcing us to turn people away....not knowing what they will do with the animals they want to give up. CARA exists solely on voluntary donations and is always in need of volunteers (to drive or fundraise) and fosterers who could hold one of our animals for a short time.

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